Some Publishing News

  • Harper Lee is publishing her first novel in half a century. Go Set a Watchman will be released in July.
  • As RadioShack prepares to go into bankruptcy, Amazon is in talks to buy some of their storefronts and turn them into order pickup sites. Remember how well Amazon Lockers turned out? The other side of the plan is to use the stores to showcase Amazon’s growing array of electronic devices, including the nigh worthless Fire Phone. Amazon thinks they can compete with Apple, but the difference is that Amazon makes a decent ereader and a whole bunch of garbage, much of which has succeeded because of the power of Amazon’s media ecosystem.

UPDATE: Madeleine Davies raises questions about whether the publication of Lee’s new novel is true to her own wishes. Last year, Lee claimed in a statement that The Mockingbird Next Door author Marja Mills had approached her under false pretenses. (Mills says LeeĀ  were aware that Mills was writing a book about her.) In 2013, Lee sued her former agent Samuel Pinkus alleging that he embezzled royalties form her. Lee and Pinkus settled out of court later that year.

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